Tips for playing online slots

There is a huge variety of different slots out there, so unless you are an expert, you might need some tips! Video slots come in so many different themes, with different wagers and different prizes. Some people love the funky and modern themed slots like Starburst, others prefer fruit machine slots like TwinSpin. If you’re in it for the million dollar prizes, the Mega Moolah or Mega Fortune wheel will be your preferred choice. Although playing slots online is often self-explanatory, we nevertheless have some valuable tips.

1. Know your slot

Each slot comes with a different amount of reels and paylines. Often a classic set-up with 5 reels and 25 paylines is used. Paylines basically are the amount of options you have to win on the slot machine. Aside from knowing how many paylines a slot has before you start playing, it’s also important to know which combinations are worth most and what your chances are to get these. Many slot machines give you the options to select the amount of paylines you play with. While it’s nice to have this option, do keep in mind that if a winning combination hits on a payline you have not activated, you won’t get money. That’s why we recommend that you always play with all paylines activated. It really does make a difference for your winning chances.


2. Bet with the maximum amount

If you play, then you better do it right! Many slots give you the chance to play with small amounts. And while that might seem attractive at first sight, it’s really not good for your winning chances. You’ll notice that often you only can win the jackpot if you play with maximum stakes. Additionally playing with the maximum amount can also result in nice bonusses.

3. Look out for bonusses

If you have a favourite slot you like to play, it’s worth checking every once in a while if a casino offers a bonus deal on that slot. Sometimes an online casino has a weekly offer on one slot. That could for example be a bonus or an amount of free spins when you choose to play that slots. These are nice, free extra’s that can dramatically increase your winning chances. Without spending your own money!

4. Simple games are the best

It might seem a little counter intuitive, but as it turns out the simple slots usually pay out more often (and higher prizes) than the complex slots. Slots with fewer reels have better odds than slots with many reels. Although it might seem more appealing to play a slot that comes with plenty of excitement because it’s not so simply to play. Can we agree that what’s the most exciting part about playing online slots is the chance of winning big? So if that’s what you ultimately want, definitely give the simpler games your preference.

5. Test The Games for free

Nowadays many casinos offer their players to try out the game for free. This is a great opportunity to get to know how a slot works before you spend your money for real. Testing slots can help you develop your skills, maybe even develop a tactic. Once you have mastered the game, you can try at it with real money. Because let’s be honest, while it might be great to try out a slot for free. It also really sucks that you can’t win any real money!

6. Stop the superstitions

Some players believe that if a slot has just paid out, it’s best to stop playing it. But the truth is that video slots are run by generic algorithms, so thinking that you won’t win because it has just paid out is simply not true. It’s also not true that you have to keep playing a machine, because if you’d stop and another player takes on, he’ll have more chance to win.