Is it safe to play slots online?

When it comes to giving out our personal information and payment details online, many people are still a bit wary. Although online gambling has no been around for a good decade, it still carries a reputation that makes many people think twice before filling out their payment details. It’s good to be a little cautious, because this makes you extra receptive to notice possible red flags. But the truth is that online gambling is no longer a louche business at all. There are many reputable online casinos which are under strong supervision by gambling authorities and create a safe and reliable experience for players.

Although there are many great online casinos, unfortunately there are also still are some sites around that don’t quit meet the requirements . Below we’ve shared some tips to ensure that you double check a few things before you start playing.

Do the check

A great indicator for the safety and reliability of a casino can be found in its licenses. You can usually find the details of these licenses at the footer of the casino web page. If a casino is approved by the gaming authority, it means that it’s subjected under strong control and supervision. The software used for payments has to meet high standards. Payments are usually taken care of by 3rd party companies who have the software to take care of this process. This also means that an online casino never really has your details ‘in their hands’. Common sense will get you far in judging whether a casino is safe to leave your creditcard details. Browse the casino page to find the license. And double click on the license pictured.

Payment methods

One payment method is safer than the other. When purchasing things online, may it be adding credit to your casino account or buying a new tv, it’s always key to treat your details with care. That means if you use your creditcard, always tick ‘no’, if you pc asks you whether you want to safe the details. Payment options like Paypal are even better to use, because it’s a lot harder to abuse these details compared to when someone gets access to your credit card details. Other than that, payment methods like Scrill are also a very secure way of doing your online casino deposits. Skrill is a type of e-wallet which allows you to quickly deposit and withdraw funds by way of an email address.


Other than the overall safety of leaving your details on an online casino account, people wonder if playing slots is safe. In this case, ‘safe’ meaning whether the game process is fair. How do we know for sure that any player is ever paid out? Well, that’s quite simple to explain. All casino games that you find on an online casino work with Random Number Generators. That means that the rounds of games you play can’t be influenced. Some of the better (and bigger) casinos also have extra third-party testing in place. An organization like eCOGRA for example provides these services. Usually the online casino will place that information about what kind of security measures they have in place somewhere on the home page or down at the footer.