Is there a strategy to play slots online?

The first thing that might come to your mind is the question: is it possible at all to have a strategy when you play slots online? That’s because many people think that winning on slots is entirely dependent on luck. While ofcourse luck does play a big part, there are definitely some basic strategies that you can use to optimize your winning chances.

Pick the smaller jackpots

When choosing what video slot to play next, many of us are tempted by the big jackpot prizes. Statistics however have proven that your biggest chance to win a good prize is with the smaller jackpots. When you look at the statistics of the Mega Moolah jackpot wins, it usually doesn’t happen more than once a month that it hits. Although this usually is a prize that runs in the millions, it really doesn’t happen so frequently. There are also plenty of smaller jackpots which have prizes in the tens of thousand euros. These hit far more frequently, sometimes every couple of hours. So the probability you have to win at these smaller jackpots is significantly higher.

Manage your money

This might be a little boring of a strategy tip, but a very important one. Many seasoned gamblers have pointed out that their number one strategy in winning at online slots is to stick to your budget. In order words: keep your control. When you set an amount that you’re willing to lose, then based on that amount you can choose which slots would be the most suitable to play. You’ll also have a clear indication what amount of bet to place per spin.

Look out for the best bonus offers

The more free spins and multipliers you can get, the better. Because it means that you get a chance at winning money without spending your own in the process! Playing only those slots that give you a lot of extra’s is a great strategy to maximize your winnings. Sometimes casino website will give out certain codes that will give you an x amount of free spins or will give you a percentage on top of your deposit.