How to Choose an online casino

For the beginners amongst us, there is nothing more valuable to know than how to choose the best online casino to start playing. After all, you’ll want to that at the website where you get your money’s  worth. Ofcourse it’s not just about that, but also the casino that offers the slots which have the best RTP%. RTP stands for Return to Player and indicates which % of stakes is returned to its players. Other than that, if you like playing slots that can win you big prizes, you might want to know which casino offers the best assortment of progressive jackpot slots. There’s so much to take into consideration before you start playing but below we’ll focus on the most important things.

What is an online casino?

Maybe this is a very obvious question, but nevertheless it deserves a short explanation. An online casino is a website where players can bet money on a selection of different games. From classic fruitmachines to video slot and table games. Nowadays there are even live rooms where you can play poker or blackjack alongside other digital players. The gambling industry quickly took advantage when internet access became mainstream. Since then, the software and technologies have improved a thousand times over. In the early age of internet there were maybe about 5 online casinos that were doing well. In just a number of years, that number has increased tremendously. So much, that as a player you now need guidance to choose your online casino.

What to pay attention to

There are a few important things to pay attention to before you choose which online casino to play at. First you have to know what you’ll likely be playing a lot. If it’s video slots and you like changing up which game you play, then see what casino offers a great assortment. If you’re a beginning player, it would be good to know if there is a good customer service that is available to help you out when needed. Although that’s equally important if you’re not a beginning player. I personally prefer a customer service that is available around the clock. Let’s say that you can’t figure out how to transfer your $ wins to your account. Then you won’t want to wait until Monday morning to have someone to help you!


Many casinos give their new players a nice welcome bonus. This can be a certain % on top of your deposit or free spins. Sometimes even both. Perhaps the most attractive online casino in terms of its bonus, is Leovegas. They give out 50 free spins without any conditions, meaning that you don’t have to deposit money in your account before receiving the bonus. An online casino like Royal Panda is hugely popular, yet doesn’t give any bonusses to its players. Many casinos don’t only give a welcome bonus upon your first deposit. The deposit can be a minimum of $20, but sometimes a bit more. Additionally many online casinos also give out an extra bonus upon your second or third deposit. Do make sure that you read the terms and conditions of the bonusses. Sometimes you can only use your free spins on certain slots. It would be disappointing if the slot you intended to play on is not included in the list. So to avoid disappointment, make sure you carefully read the terms and conditions for the bonus deals at online casinos.


What other online casino players have said about their experience playing at an online casino is very valuable information. Online gamblers love sharing their experiences online about slots and different casinos. You can get valuable information about which slots have a great RTP, the quality of the welcome bonus deals received on online casinos and more. There are also forums especially dedicated to exchanging tips and tricks for playing online slots, so you might want to dig into a few of those online casino review websites to get a good idea. By googling “casino reviews”, you’ll quickly notice which websites give valuable information on the quality of online casinos, video slots and prizes.


Perhaps the most important thing to keep in mind, is to check the casino’s license. A gaming license is a permit that is given out by a government or an independent entity. The entities that give out liceneses are in charge of making sure that the casinos under its supervision operate in fair play. To get a certain license, casinos will be subjected to regular checks. Nowadays these licenses are very hard to get and to maintain, so you can be confident that when a casino has one it is trustworthy. Important licenses for example are the one given out by the UK gambling commission and the Malta Gaming Authority.